How To Connect With ABC

All Sunday services will be live streamed by clicking here and the regular Wednesday night Bible Studies will through Zoom Calls.  DVD's are available for those without internet connections.  Weekly updates will also be emailed out each week with more details on things happening at the church.  
We want to stay connected as much as possible during this time so please feel free to reach out if you need anything!  If you want to receive our weekly update emails "ABConnection" please email us here and we will be happy to add you to our email list!

Guidelines for In-Person Worship

These are the guidelines we will use as we resume in-person worship. Worship will continue to be streamed online through Youtube and can be accessed directly or through the website, mobile app, or Facebook posts.   

We encourage anyone who is feeling sick or has underlying health concerns to continue watching online until you are comfortable returning.   There is no pressure and no timeline that works for everyone!

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our church office at 919-639-6114.

Adult Sunday School Lessons
September-December 2020

Ways To Help During This Time

We've had many people call the church looking for ways that we can help our neighbors in need during this pandemic.
Here are a few of the ways you can get involved.

Angier Angel Fund

The Angier Angel Fund will provide targeted grants of up to $3,000 to be distributed to Angier small businesses. These grants can be used to pay rent, make a dent in payroll, or for other vital operating expenses.  For more information visit their site at

Call and Write Notes of Encouragement

During this time of social distancing, you can help lift moral and check on those closest to you.  You may want to use the church directory to call or send a note to those that may need an extra helping hand or a simple conversation during this time.

Meals On Wheels

 We are in need of volunteers to help deliver meals! If you are able to deliver meals to those in our community unable to get out, please contact: Debby Vaughn at 910-814-6072.

Sewing Masks For Healthcare Workers

Use this link to give you directions to the pattern to make some masks. These go over the respirator masks that doctors and nurses are using so that they can use the same equipment with multiple patients and keep everyone safe.

DVD Distribution

If you, or someone you know, doesn't have internet access please let us know and we will be happy to make a DVD copy for them to watch. We need help delivering copies of DVD's on Mondays and Thursdays.

Buddy Backpack

Buddy Backpack will start back providing food for students once school is back in session.  Donations can still be made during this time to Buddy BackPack - Angier Area and mailed or dropped off at the church.